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The right items to include in your 360-degree feedback

To get the most of your 360-degree feedback, you should start by customising your survey with the ‘right’ items. Here’s how you can do this .... Read More...

How can a 360-degree feedback report make a difference?

A 360-degree feedback report is most useful if it can quickly, clearly and easily provide you with information to help you decide on your development roadmap, your future. 360changemagic’s report is just that .... Read More...

A coach can hugely impact the usefulness of a 360-degree feedback exercise

Having a conversation with a coach once you get your 360-degree feedback can be extremely helpful for you ... Read More...

The 'shocking' aspect of feedback

The universal first, instantaneous reaction to critical feedback is ... Shock! This is followed by Anger, Rationalisation, and finally Acceptance. Here’s how to deal with the shock .... Read More...

Who should you get your 360-degree feedback done by?

Why should you choose to get your 360-degree feedback survey done through 360changemagic? We can offer you 5 powerful reasons ... Read More...