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Tool for Change

How can a 360-degree feedback report make a difference?

A 360-degree feedback report is most useful if it can quickly, clearly and easily provide you with information to help you decide on your development roadmap, your future. 360changemagic’s report is just that ....
To step back a bit - you may (or your organisation may) have worked with 360-degree feedback before, either internally managed, or with a global organisation - typically HR Consulting folks. In this case, it is fair to ask - What’s so special about 360changemagic?

Let us ask you a question in return ... You would have received and worked with a report from such surveys .... How useful is the report that you get, “really really”?

Clearly - if your existing 360-degree survey provides you with good information that you can use to decide on your development goals and roadmap - then stay with it, there’s no need to compare or change.

Many of the 360-degree feedback programmes that organisations use, however, lead to reports that are complicated to read and understand ... and most importantly, make it difficult to clearly identify specific priorities for action. They have huge amounts of information - raw data, comparative information from benchmark populations, write-ups on the parameters/ competencies surveyed, and so on.

Which is all fine if you enjoy reading such voluminous reports ... but all this often detracts from the main purpose of this exercise - which is to provide you with useful information to help you make decisions on what you need to focus on in the future.

This is where 360changemagic is different - our simple and easy-to-use report is designed to help you do just that - decide on your development goals and roadmap (click here to download a sample 360changemagic report).
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