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Who should you get your 360-degree feedback done by?

Why should you choose to get your 360-degree feedback survey done through 360changemagic? We can offer you 5 powerful reasons ...
“My company already uses an international, well-known 360-degree survey provider ... why 360changemagic?”

There are five compelling reasons to choose to do your 360-degree feedback exercise with 360changemagic -
  1. The survey items
  2. No administration!
  3. Higher perceived credibility
  4. Tools to maximise leverage from the feedback
  5. The report itself

Survey Items - We offer a recommended ‘starter set’ of items for you to consider inclusion in your 360-degree feedback. These items are based on our extensive experience with Executive Coaching assignments since 2007 - and are the most-often-occurring items in 360-degree feedback surveys. As a result, they are built from the ground up, and are intuitive and practical in a way that theoretically-constructed competency models cannot.

Administration - following up with respondents, ensuring they complete the surveys, clarifying any doubts people may have, and generally hand-holding till closure can take up a lot of time and effort. With 360changemagic, we take care of all of that for you! All you have to do is to select the items you’d like in your survey, and provide us with contact details of your stakeholders - and that’s it! We do everything else....

Perceived Credibility - whatever the truth may be, when the survey is done ‘internally’ within an organisation then people tend to have some apprehensions about how confidential the information really is. They respond more confidently and more candidly to an external, neutral entity such as 360changemagic.

Tools to maximise leverage - any feedback is useful only to the extent you can do something about it, and gain some leverage by making appropriate changes, course-corrections. Apart from your 360-degree feedback information, the report has a Self-Help Guide to help you move from the feedback itself to implementation and change. Over and above this, we offer you an option to have a professional certified coach facilitate a conversation with you over your 360-degree feedback report, to help you get full value from the exercise.

The report - our report is a user-friendly compilation of the feedback data, and useful analyses to help you make good decisions on your development roadmap, your future.

Also - 360changemagic is a neutral, third-party provider that is 100% confidential. You can sign up as an individual - and set up a 360-degree feedback survey for yourself. Of course, if you’re a team leader or manager, or for some other reason want to set up 360-degree surveys for people in your organisation, 360changemagic will work just fine for this requirement, too.
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