A Simple Yet Powerful
Tool for Change

A coach can hugely impact the usefulness of a 360-degree feedback exercise

Having a conversation with a coach once you get your 360-degree feedback can be extremely helpful for you ...
Receiving feedback, especially 'negative' or improvement feedback, can be an emotionally challenging process. Our normal responses are Shock - Anger - Rationalisation - Acceptance (usually referred to as the SARA model).

Left to oneself, the individual runs the risk of getting stuck at the initial dysfunctional stages of response, and not being able to move effectively to the last stage.

A professional certified coach can help make that movement very smoothly and constructively. The coach's role will be to post questions for reflection, challenge and confront dysfunctionalities, facilitate increased self-awareness, provide a 'sounding board' for reactions, thoughts and ideas, and hand-hold you through to Acceptance, the final stage.

The focus will be on "How can you leverage this information for your benefit?" - thus going beyond the feedback to implementation and change.

We strongly recommend that you have a coach work with you on your 360-degree feedback results. In a study reported by DecisionWise, 94% of individuals felt the feedback process was effective when they were coached - which drops to 34% among individuals who were not coached.

360changemagic offers you an option where we provide a professional certified coach to help you 'unpack' the 360-degree feedback report, and move from the feedback to implementation and change.
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